#YNaijaNonBinary: A roll call for queer Nigerians was made and magic happened

In a tweet that has since garnered over twenty-two thousand likes, four thousand two hundred retweets, and over seven hundred comments, tweeter user @vincentdesmond_ made a tweet calling for a queer Nigerian thread. In response, the queers got in formation, shut down the homophobes that tried creeping in, and showed everyone a community made up of brave, creative, beautiful people. We love to see it!


The Bold and the Beautiful














The beauty of this thread lies in the diversity, beauty, and bravery of a community that faces marginilization everyday but still stand tall in their call for a revolution of authenticity. We applaud their courage and their ingenuity in finding a safe space amidst it all, and we are grateful to be a witness to their journey.


Interested in contributing an article on sexuality, spirituality, arts, authenticity, or any non-binary issue? Kindly send your submission to [email protected]. Thank you.


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