Elisha Abbo’s victim finds justice in court, women are most certainly not marching against SARS brutality and other things that happened this week

With each new week, the internet gives us a new reason to talk, to be privy to recent developments, and most importantly to share our point of view on these developments. Whether it be a snarky jab at the feminist movement or a monumental move towards inclusivity for people with disabilities, there is always something we care deeply enough to talk about.

So here are a few of the issues, across feminism, gender equality, sexuality, disability, and others that had us talking this week.

1. A man suggests that women march in protest of SARS brutality

The most exciting thing about the internet is the immediacy with which we can see what people are thinking about and having the chance to either agree with those opinions or ask whoever has them to let it simply die as an opinion.

Earlier this week, Twitter was abuzz with the tweet above suggesting that women come out to protest against the government on the recent police law that grants police officers power to carry out arrests based on their personal discretion. Aside from the sexist edge of this tweet that seems to suggest that women will by virtue of being women be spared from police brutality, it’s arguably cruel to ask someone else to sacrifice their safety when you have no intention of doing the same for them. The good news is, they got checked and nothing of the sort is going to happen.

2. A High Court ordered Senator Elisha Abbo to pay 50 million naira to his assault victim

To the relief of many, a high court in Abuja ordered Senator Abbo to pay Ms. Warmate, a woman he assaulted at a sex toy shop in 2019; an event that went viral after the CCTV footage was released.

As this piece noted that “this move has been received with a commendation for the Nigerian justice system and although the fact that we have to celebrate our justice system for doing what it should do, leaves a bad taste in the mouth, we hope this energy remains consistent.”

3. Rema’s outburst on Twitter

What began as a series of confessional tweets soon took a dive into revealing a more complex and complicated version of afrobeat darling, Rema.While many simply saw these tweets as a momentary purge of truths long kept unsaid and a source of memes and Twitter bants, many left out the possible fact of that moment representing a mental breakdown from a young person overwhelmed with a carefully crafted version of himself by industry powers.

This moment also really pointed at the little regard many give celebrities at their most human; low, sad, devasted, tired, and emotionally exhausted.

4. Twitter users have taken to notifying their followers of SARS’ presence around them

There is truly nothing more devastating than running away from criminals, kidnappers, terrorists, all of whom are existing threats to the country. Apparently there is and SARS officials continue to show us why they are more menace than peace bringers.

This week saw an increased number of Twitter users tweeting their sightings of SARS officials around them so as to possibly save an unsuspecting Nigerian (man) from extortion, assault, abuse, and sometimes, death. This shouldn’t be our reality. It shouldn’t.

5. Nigerian women should have a life not tied to anyone.

In a Guardian Nigeria interview featuring Oyinkansola Alabi, an important  conversation around female autonomy which has been making the rounds lately is brought into focus. In response to her advice to Nigerian women, Ms. Alabi stated that, “The narrative in Nigeria is that you are an offshoot of your husband and that is why singles cannot be happy.”


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